BallroomJuniors ‘Dance Through Life’ project continues!

On Saturday 9 June children from Edinburgh Dance School’s BallroomJuniors Club get back on the road, continuing their inspirational work dancing for elderly and infirm residents within hospitals and care homes in and around Edinburgh. The children have had amazing fun with this project since it began over 2 years ago and many of the original children are still on the team. We have been delighted to hear that the staff as well as the residents at each location are reporting feeling energised, more positive and uplifted by the childrens performances, and this amazing feedback continues to motivate the BallroomJuniors to continue their inspiring groundbreaking work in the community.
This time the children will be visiting Inchview Care Home, Edinburgh.
Good luck for the year ahead, and remember to Dance Through Life with Edinburgh Dance School!

Ballroom & Latin child only competition day

Children Only Ballroom & Latin Dance Competition

Bowhouse Community Hall, Grangemouth – Saturday 3 February 2018

Door open 1.15pm – First round (Ballroom) approx. 2.15pm

On Saturday 3 February children from BallroomJuniors Club will head to Dancesport Scotland Children Only Ballroom & Latin Dance Competition which is held in Falkirk Town Hall.  This a day of dance, packed lunches, giggles and an opportunity to show off the dance moves they’ve been practicing in class in Dance Sport Scotland’s first ever child only event. Children from the BallroomJuniors Club have been attending competitions for a couple of years now and find the day fun and challenging. This outing is also a great way for parents and children to get to know each other whilst showing support for those competing and Edinburgh Dance School.

If your little one fancies taking to the floor in the BallroomJuniors Team and enjoying a fun day of dance, let us know here in the blog or by Emailing us here. Any questions or concerns you may have about this can be shared here, so let’s get chatting.

In line with the BallroomJuniors and BallroomTots Values, our prime focus on the day is to ensure the children are not worried about competing and instead focus on enjoy what is a fun day out, with a bit of dancing in between.

Keep Dancing!

Outgrown Ballroom Uniform – Sell/pass it on!

With our children growing up so quickly, they can often grow out of a new set of clothes before we know it. This can be a regular expense for mums and dads everywhere, especially if their kids take classes or are in clubs.

This BallroomJuniors Blog will become a central place where parents can visit to buy or advertise and sell any outgrown items of  Ballroom uniform such as dresses and shoes they no longer need.

Please use the blog and post here if you have any outgrown Ballroom uniform you wish to sell. Similarly, if your looking for something to buy, then post here also.

Ballroom Juniors & Tots On The Road

Following on from our last very successful visit to Lennox House Care Home for the Elderly in October, our BallroomJuniors team have been invited back by the residents who thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful dance display put on by the children.  Many of the lovely elderly residents had themselves enjoyed modern dancing when they were younger and this occasion brought memories flooding back. Details of our next performance at Lennox House will be released shortly. Keep Dancing….!

Edinburgh Dance School
Fond Ballroom memories